7 Easy Steps To Create a Thumbnail (FREE)

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Thumbnail. It is the small image description which represents your main content. It is as important as your main title. So it is an essential part to create a thumbnail for your content.

If you are not focusing on creating an attractive and unique thumbnail then my friend you are losing a large number of visitors…

You might be thinking that “why thumbnails are given such importance?” Let me give you a perfect example.

You might have seen the book covers of small kids. Their book covers are always designed with attractive cartoons so that it creates an interest among them to read the book. Below I have given an example.

So any child would love to open this first book by looking at its main cover photo.

On another hand, if you give your child a normal looking cover book which only has the name on it, then it won’t be creating any interest among them they will be forced to open it by there parents.

Books With And Without Cover

So “which book you will like to open first”?

The same thing happens with thumbnail. If you don’t create an engaging thumbnail which attracts the audience, then you will be ignored.

Do you know? Most of the best performing videos on youtube have a custom attractive thumbnail.

Let me tell you my story.

Some weeks ago I promoted one of website article on facebook which was having great content, but it was not getting enough visitors/clicks.

I was very confused and started researching. Then I have found that my article thumbnail was only having the text and standard background.

Then I designed my thumbnail in a very attractive way with images, stickers, emojis, text and promoted again on facebook and I got this result in just 12 days.

Google Analytics Proof

It’s never too late to correct our mistakes.

I have written this ultimate guide on “Create a Thumbnail For Free.” Which will help you in creating an attractive and unique thumbnail without paying any $$ to graphic designers.

By following these steps, you can create thumbnails not only for youtube videos but also for your website/blog, Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms.

Tips To Get More Clicks

  1. You can use close up of your main subject.
  2. Include your title or main keyword.
  3. Use big, bold text.
  4. Use expressive faces.
  5. Contrasting overlays can help your text make it more attractive.

Simple Steps To Create A Thumbnail

So in this guide, we don’t require any software to download. We will be creating our thumbnail from a free website called Picmaker. This website allows you to create a thumbnail with tons of features in free of cost.

Create A Thumbnail Free With This Tool

Testimonial By Hubspot

So let’s get started.

Step 1 (Sign Up Process)

Open any browser in your pc and paste this link https://www.picmaker.com/. If you scroll down, you can read all about its features, reviews, and more details.

Sign Up Process

On the top right corner, you will get a sign-up button, from there you have to sign up first with your name, email, and password or you can directly signup from google or facebook.

Step 2 (Dashboard)

After signing up, you will be redirected to the main dashboard of Picmaker. You will get various options like youtube thumbnail, channel art, IGTV thumbnail.

Dashboard Overview

If you are making a thumbnail for a youtube video, then you can select “Youtube Thumbnail” but if not then select the last option “Start From Scratch” this will help you to choose your own size.

Step 3 (Overview & Selected Format)

First, let me give you a short overview of the main designing dashboard of Picmaker.

Overview Explanation In Detail

Prebuilt: It will show you some of the awesome ready-made thumbnails of all categories like business, fashion, health, fitness, food, miscellaneous, personal, technology, travel, and 60s-90s. So you can choose any of them and design it by yourself.

Properties: You can call it the “heart” of this website and one of my favorite ♥ because you can add free stickers, icons, frames, photos, charts, shapes, illustrations, patterns, and characters. I will say that without this option our thumbnail will be incomplete.

Backgrounds: Change your background color according to your choice. There are tons of color combinations and gradients available to design your impressive background. Choosing the correct background is key for your thumbnail.

Texts: This is a very common option that everyone knows. Add text to your thumbnail with creative text style and background.

Uploads: Upload your own created or downloaded images easily from this option.  I will suggest you add high-quality photos only as it will help your thumbnail to look very much professional.

On top right corner there are three option available preview, download and save. On the bottom, you will get the option from zoom in and out for your design.

So to explain to you all I am designing a thumbnail for youtube.  I have selected the given option “Youtube Thumbnail” and Picmaker will automatically redirect me to its designing dashboard.

Redirected To Designing Dashboard

I have already designed this thumbnail to explain to you all in a step by step process.

Create A Thumbnail Demo Explanation

Step 4 (Selected Background Color)

So very first I have selected background color for my thumbnail. You can do that by background → change color.

Background Color Selection

You can also set your background color as a gradient that can look even more better.

Just below all colors, there is an option of “Custom Color” from there you can add your own color shades and hexadecimal value color codes too…

Step 5 (Converted Image Into Sticker)

After setting the background color. I have added the image of a girl which was available readymade in “pre-built” option. Then I have given it a sticker look.

I have selected the object then a new pop up came up in that I have chosen the small emoji option which helps to give an object a sticker effect.

How To Give Sticker Effect

Then select the color and stroke size according to you. You can also add an inner stroke.

Change The Color Of Sticker Effect

Now you might be thinking that “How we can add or upload our image and convert it into a sticker?” DON’T WORRY I will explain to you all 

To create your sticker first you have to upload the image and click on that, and then you will see a popup.

Then you have to select the background removal option.

Select Background Removal Option

Then it will ask you that “If you want auto background removal?” then you have to select the option “Yes, Proceed.”

I will suggest you to use an image which doesn’t have any background. You can get it on many free websites like freepik, pixabay, pexels, and many more… If you haven’t found any image then you can use this method.

Select Proceed

It will remove the background automatically but not too accurate. For that, we have to do little hard work 

If there will be any patches left, you can fill or remove those patches by these two brush option in green and red color. Red color Brush will help you to remove patches, and Green color patches will help you to add patches.

Background Removal Overview

You can also set the brush size to remove or add the patches.

Zoom in and zoom out option will help you to be more accurate and hand option on the top corner will help to move around images while editing and there is a crop image option beside hand.

After you finish click on “Done.” Then you can easily convert it into sticker as I have shown it in the very beginning of step 5.

Step 6 (Added Text & Changed Its Background)

I have selected “Text” option and applied this “Desserts made in 10 minutes” font which was having the background with it.

Add Text, Background And Its Color

Then I have simply selected the background and changed its color. But you can add much more creative and attractive stickers, illustrations, patterns, shapes frames and make your thumbnail very much awesome.

Step 7 (Added Characters)

I have added  2 stickers from properties → food section and placed it at that position where it will be looking good.

I have added a character of “chef” from properties → characters → chef and included in my thumbnail. You can also get all the positions of the character you select.

Add Characters

After completing your thumbnail design, you can preview, save and download it from top right corner easily.


So this is how I have made this thumbnail without downloading any software or paying someone. It is very much simple you just have to be very much CREATIVE…

You can take thumbnail ideas from your competitors and make a better version than them. SIMPLE 

It took very hard work to create this tutorial for you guys. So don’t forget to share this article with your friends & family.

If you loved this tutorial on “7 Easy Steps To Create a Thumbnail”, then let me know in the comments♥

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