How To Create Infographics For Free? (Step By Step Guide)

Create An Infographics For Free

Your visitors are not loving your content? Do your users bounce back quickly? Then you need to create infographics as it gives context to the content and makes it easier for users to read, implement and understand it.

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If you are working hard to build your content with more and more text. I really appreciate you. But let me tell you most of the people don’t like a long-form article, nor they have time to read those lengthy texts.

Infographics help users to understand your content visually in the form of graphics and text in an image. Who Don’t Love Images?

As this visual infographics keep users engaged and creates interest among them to read your full article. It will make complex concepts much easier for your readers.

Infographics are better than tons of text as because it is easy to share on any social media platforms as it is shareable, we can link it to any internal or external source as it is easily linkable, and if your infographic is very much better and adding value for your visitors then it can get viral in social media.

As from my childhood, I have heard “text” is too boring and no doubt it’s true. Our textbooks and notebooks were filled only and only with text no images at all. So just from the beginning, we were bored by just seeing those text and it doesn’t matter if those stories were interesting.

You can try by yourself let me give you an example. Give a child to read alphabets from below given two images from Image 1 and 2 and see their interests in those images as I have just added some vector animal illustrations in image 1 and there is nothing rather than text in image 2.

Example Of Infographics

So I am damn sure that image 1 will create more interest than image 2.

Benefits Of Infographics

  • Looks Attractive
  • Boost in Traffic
  • Brand Awareness
  • Best for SEO
  • Eye-Catching

Tips To Create Infographics

  • Keep You Infographic Very Simple
  • Try To Show Everything Visually
  • Make It Easy To View
  • Think Of An Attractive Headline
  • Make a Proper Flow
  • Share It As Much As Possible
  • Focus On Color Combinations
  • Add Something New Which Is Not Mentioned In Your Article

7 Steps To Create Infographics For Free

So whenever I design an infographic for my website or any other projects I personally use piktochart and canva as because they are best among the rest, these websites are easy to use and consume very less time so that we can create a professional design in free of cost & also in short period of time.

Any person can use these websites to design infographics for themselves by just learning some of the basics of these tools.

So today we will use piktochart to design our infographic.

So to start designing with piktochart you just have to paste this link in your browser and you will be redirected to the homepage.

Piktochart Homepage

So to explain to you all I have made an infographic with the help of this website.

Example Of Infographic

I will explain to you all in a step by step process that how I have made this with the help of piktochart.

Step 1 (Sign Up & Overview)

So very first you have to paste the link of the piktochart in any browser. Then you will be redirected to the main home page of the website.

Piktochart Signup For Infographics

To use these tool for free you just need to sign up and work done. So on the top right corner, there is a sign-up option from there you can sign up easily.

Let me tell you one more thing that this website has been featured and used by many top brands like Forbes, Techcrunch, Moz, etc.

Signup Process

You can easily signup with facebook, google or with your email. (Signing up with Google is a little easy)

After completing the signup process you will be redirected to the main dashboard of piktochart which will be looking like this…

Piktochart Dashboard

On the left vertical panel, you will get options to select infographic, presentation & printable from the mid-left you can create your own folder to save your all designs.

Also, there is an additional option available on the top right corner “Create A Design” this will also help you to select between infographics, presentation & printable stuff.

As we are creating an infographic so we will go with the first option which is just below the dashboard.

After selecting you will be redirected to the template area and piktochart will be offering you some of the free as well as paid template but we have to select the free template.

To make this above infographic I haven’t selected any of the ready-made templates. I have just started from scratch.

Select Template For Infographic

After selecting any of the templates you will be taken to the main designing dashboard of an infographic. Here I have selected the blank template.

Dashboard Overview

On the left side, you will find graphics, uploads, background, text, color scheme, and tools options to create your infographic.

In my previous articles of thumbnail and logo, I have explained these type of options in very much detail. If you haven’t checked those article you can check it now in my blog section.

Step 2 (Background & Header)

So here I am in the designing dashboard of an infographic with the white page. You will get a watermark of “WOWEE” in your infographic so you can remove it by just clicking on it and hit “DEL” button.

You can resize your infographic size according to you with the help of its resizing tool at the end of it.

To make my design very first I have selected the background color from the left side “background” option and chosen a solid blue color. But you can select textures, gradients, and hex codes too.

Select Background Color For Infographic

After selecting the background. I have searched “study” in graphics option and added a study table in the header and written my headline text line with the help of “text tool”.

Selected Header Object

You can resize your graphics with the help of four resizing options which will be available at the four corners of the object also if you used this shortcut keys “SHIFT + ALT” then your object will not squash as it will be resized in its accurate size.

Selected Header Text

Infographic Part 1

Step 3 (Vector Banner & Text)

Infographic Part 2

To add this vector banner you have to go to graphics option and write “banner” you will get many banner options. So I have selected this orange banner.

Then I have simply added these texts from “text tool” and selected text color and font which is available at the top section of the dashboard.

Selected Banner

Selected Text

Header Text and Objects Settings

You can change color, text, size of text also you can increase or decrease its opacity and also shift the text backward and forward, align the object and text to center, mid and left, underline the text and much more…

Step 4 (Vector Boy & Sticky Notes)

Infographic Part 3

So here we are on step 4, I have added a cartoon boy who is holding a book and pen from the same graphics option by just writing a similar keyword “study” and got many options of cartoon characters. Then again on the same search bar, I have searched for the keyword “notes” (I think without “graphics option” piktochart is incomplete).

Selected Cartoon Boy

Selected Notes Vector

Then as same as above step 3, I have added the text and placed it in the center of the note paper and tilted it little to look like it’s written on notepaper.

Step 5 (Mid Section)

Infographic Part 4

So to make this entire section very first I have added a square and expanded its width as same as infographic width and changed its color.

Selected Mid Patch

Then I have added a banner by following step 3 but for this, I have selected differ banner with red color and add text in it.

To add all this vector art I have just searched its main keyword like “focus”, “brain”, “book” and “time” in the search bar of “graphics option” and then placed it in the proper position and added text to define it with the help of “text option”.

Selected Focus Vector

Step 6 (Graphics & Text)

So we are almost completed here I have followed the same step 3 to add banner and text. Then I have added the cartoon schoolboy with a bag and book with the help of graphics option.

Infographic Part 5

I have just written “study” in the search bar of graphics and it showed me tons of results. Then again I have searched for keyword “star” in the same search bar and added 4 stars as a checklist.

Selected Study Boy

Selected Checklist Star

Finally added text in just in front of the stars to give it a look like a complete checklist.

Step 7 (Download & Save)

We have completed our infographic successfully so now you have to save your infographic to edit it in the future and download it easily with the help of the download button and you can preview it too. Don’t forget to share your infographic in social media.

Download, Save, Preview Infographic

Final Word’s

Infographics are not dead they are totally alive and they work incredibly to generate tons of traffic to your blog. You just have to be very much unique and creative while making your infographics.

I know you can make much better infographics. Just follow these steps, tips and show some creativity. BOOOM!

So this was all about “How you can create infographics for free”. If you loved this article or found it helpful then please don’t forget to comment below and share this with your friends, family, relatives or anyone♥.

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  1. All this time I thought creating an infographic was really expensive but this article showed me how Infrographic can be made without spending a dime.
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  2. Hello Ankush,

    Thank you for this detailed article on creating infographics. I was using Canve tool & was actually looking for an alternate as Canva has very limited premade designs. I will definitely try out Piktochart. Thanks again for this post 🙂

  3. I am preparing study material for grade 4 to 7 cbse and using Google forms to do it. Can this be used to prepare mind maps too? Pls guide. Can the infographic get pasted on Google form?

  4. I was having really hard time in creating good infographics for my blog. I know about canva but this seems better to me. I will try it for sure . Thanks man for sharing this. And your blog is very cool. I loved it!


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