23 thoughts on “How To Make A Logo For Website? {10 Simple Steps}”

  1. Ankush Saha your post is helpful to all the new bloggers who are cornern about their blog’s branding. I loved your post.

  2. Hi ankush saha, nice post buddy, who all are looking for logo design or any post design can go for this.

    Helpfull buddy ! until now i have been using photoshop for images and designs after reading this post am planning to try this one for designs.


  3. This is a great detailed guide brother. The way, you explained everything in details with photos & infograph is awesome. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    Canva is also one of the favorite tools of mine

  4. I am using canva.com from some time, its a great resource to make logos for websites, mostly free template can fulfill your need even the premium stuff on canva.com worth it.
    I loved your article!

  5. Fantastic Ankush,

    Logo is the thing, which makes a lot of impact on the rush we go with any. But that’s not a good choice. Even I have to make a logo for my newer site, a bit catchy and decent. Your creating logo tutorial through Canvas going to help out. Let’s see when I would be able to find time for this.

    Thanks buddy:)

  6. Love your approach! At least, we don’t need to master Illustrator/Photoshop, and for those of us who are comfortable with Canva, it’s a chance. Thanks for sharing, it’s well-detailed and useful.

  7. This is an awesome guide, simple & effective. A LOGO is very important to build a brand and to get remembered by readers. One must not take it lightly.
    Thanks a lot for creating such useful content to help others.

  8. Your article is really helpful and awesome. But I tried a different way out, ofcourse it’s not professional but I got a ready made logo which suits my blog from freepik and then cropped it and now use it as my logo.
    Is this ok?
    Archana prabhune


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